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Welcome to the ArtsBot, the creative, artistic, screen alternative for kids.  Enter the magical world of the ISO Bots who have been wandering the universe in search of imagination and fun. Fall in love with these neat, compact arts and craft kits that will provide hours of independent artistic play. The ArtsBot kits are perfect for travel, and families on the move. Creativity To Go!

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Attention Earthlings
Surprises are Unexpected

Surprises are Unexpected

I hope everyone had the chance to enjoy last month’s blog.  If you missed it, you can read it here.  This month has been a pretty busy one.  We are really hard at work with all that is going on with the ArtsBot.  I attended a conference earlier this week that took...

A Trip to the Supermarket to engage Creativity

A Trip to the Supermarket to engage Creativity

Right now, I am reading an interesting book called, “How to Be an Explorer of the World”, By Keri Smith. The premise of the book is about how we as people are engaged in the world.  It examines how we look, observe and document the world around us, and suggests...

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