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Welcome to the ArtsBot, the creative, artistic, screen alternative for kids.Β  Enter the magical world of the ISO Bots who have been wandering the universe in search of imagination and fun. Fall in love with these neat, compact arts and craft kits that will provide hours of independent artistic play. The ArtsBot kits are perfect for travel, and families on the move.Β Creativity To Go!

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Attention Earthlings
The ArtsBot Kitchen Activity: Make Rainbow Donuts

The ArtsBot Kitchen Activity: Make Rainbow Donuts

Mom and Artist, Emily and her daughter share how to make a Rainbow Donuts. All you need are: πŸ’š donut trays πŸ’š zip closure bags for every color πŸ’š food coloring πŸ’š a large mixing Β bowl πŸ’š a mixer πŸ’š measuring cups πŸ’š measuring spoons πŸ’š flour πŸ’š sugar πŸ’š baking soda πŸ’š salt πŸ’š...

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