Human Earthling Parents!

Did you know these bright Bots Amii and Togg come equipped with common core strategies? That’s right, as these out of this world creatures come alive with creativity and imagination, they also are aligned with common core standards. Both primary and elementary grades have learning goals and objectives that can be met and reinforced through our products.

Welcome to the ArtsBot Learning Center

Here in our ArtsBot Learning Center, we are offering free downloadable and printable “play”-sheets for your kids (that are consistent with Common Core Educational Standards) and super fun to do! So in addition to keeping your kids involved in creative and screen-free craft projects, you can encourage your kids to do these engaging and educational “play”-sheets. We want to contribute to the success of your child and help make learning fun!

Every month we will add new free printable activities, so check back often!

January 2020
January 2020
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Our human earthling kids will be enhancing their literary skills as they engage in reading with purpose and understanding about the ISO bots. Human earthling kids also get to learn five bonus fun facts. The illustrations and details in the incredible journeys of the Bots, finally, making it to Planet Earth, will be fun for these earthlings as they develop an understanding of descriptions and details of characters, settings, and events!

Since each Bot has a different story, human earthlings will be comparing and contrasting the exciting adventures and experiences of these robotic characters. The vivid illustrations and easy to follow diagrams are surefire opportunities for earthlings to become keepers of this exciting, brand new information provided in pictures, along with text appropriate for their age. The images will accompany information launching the earthling to a galaxy of imagination and wonder.


This practice of making sense out of problems and persevering to solve them, will be embedded in the Artsbot. Kids will figure out their role as they follow directions and share their creations with the world. Earthlings will navigate the joyful interactions of patterns, sequencing, and estimating as they creatively create a brand new Artsbot. Artsbot Kits come with a variety of creative implements to provide kids the experience of discovering what works best for their Artsbot creation and beyond.

As kids personalize their creation, they will prioritize accuracy in perfecting their one of a kind Artsbot. Children naturally look for and make use of structure. So as they add personality and detail to their Artsbot with materials and design. They will be adding their understanding of patterns and number sense to their math skills. Wow! What could be more fun than to express regularity in repeated reasoning by following procedures and understand illustrations? This leads to a new useful toy or friend to accompany a human earthling kid on their journey here on Earth. Their thinking continues to expand!