Long ago in the far reaches of space…

Far away, deep in space, there was a planet called ISO. On the planet there lived a race of robot-like beings, the ISO bots, who spent their days gathering information and organizing it. One day the ISO leaders realized that their people had gathered all the information there was to find on the planet. They had nothing left to do!

As quickly as possible the robots built a fleet of spaceships. Then they chose teams of robots to fly the spaceships out into space to find new worlds where they could gather new information. After traveling for many years, one of the robot spaceships, the ISO11, came across a planet that was mostly covered with water, but that had land too. Using their technology, the robots studied the planet and they soon learned that a species that stood on two legs seemed to be in charge.

These creatures, humans, came in all colors and sizes, and some of the things they did made no sense. For example, they wrote things called books, composed music, and made art. No one told the humans to do these things, they just did them. Why?

The robots decided to send one of their team, Pon, to Earth to find out why and how humans were able to write stories, make up music, and create art. Pon decided to watch the little humans, who were less frightening. He was fascinated by them, but he couldn’t find the answers to his questions. Finally Pon decided to talk to the little humans and meet them in person. Maybe they would be able to explain why they did the things that they did.

Meet the Bots