Unexpected Surprise

I hope everyone had the chance to enjoy last month’s blog.  If you missed it, you can read it here.  This month has been a pretty busy one.  We are really hard at work with all that is going on with the ArtsBot. 

I attended a conference earlier this week that took place in Newport, Rhode Island.  It’s only a few hours away, so I opted for the train.  I booked myself on an 11:00 am train and arrived at Penn Station at 10:30am. That is plenty of time to get make the train.  Upon my arrival, I learn there is a power outage in the tunnels.  This resulted in train cancellations and delays.  Imagine, a train station full of stressed out, irritated New Yorkers.  (Not a pretty site).  When these things happen, it’s big news.  So who comes with the “NY1 Breaking News Team” to Penn Station? None other than my darling daughter, Margot, who is a summer intern.  I was interviewed for the news by my own daughter.  Now how awesome is that?

When I finally got one the train, I sat next to a 17- year old girl, who was on route to Boston.  She pulled out a coloring book and colored pencils from her bag.  It was music to my eyes, my ears and my heart that she was engaged in a screen free activity.  I even asked her if I could take her picture.  After seeing that, I am feeling that there is hope to reduce screen time and engage in creativity no matter what age.

Creativity at any age!

Until next time,