These Kids Are DOING AMAZING Things And Making A Difference

On Tiffany Haddish’s TV show, Kids Say the Darndest Things, I agree, kids say some pretty funny stuff sometimes.  But what really warms my heart is when I see kids DOING AMAZING things. 

I have to tell you, there have been a few children in the news, the past few months, that have not only warmed my heart, but have sparked awe in me. 

Like six-year-old, Owen Colley from Massachusetts, who heard about how animals in Australia were perishing in the recent fires. Instead of just going back to watching cartoons on his tablet, Owen started making clay koala bears, to help raise money for an animal refuge caring for these injured creatures. In the last news story, I heard, he had raised over $20,000! Talk about doing an AMAZING thing! 

Another awesome story was about a five-year-old. Yes, five-years-old! Kindergartener, Katelynn Hardee from Vista, California, was so upset when she heard that some of her classmates could not pay for their school lunches, she had to do something.  In December 2019, she did something big. With the help of her mom, Katelynn organized a bake sale that raised enough money to pay off the debts for 100 classmates’ school lunches. The power of cocoa and cookies in the hands of a child is pretty AMAZING, right?!? 

How about the story of an 11-year-old boy teaching crochet on YouTube?  That alone is pretty cool on its own. The fact that he donates some his crocheted creations to the orphanage in Ethiopia, from which he was adopted, was just the fringe on the blanket for me. Jonah Larson of La Crosse, Wisconsin, is making a difference, one stitch at a time. Not only does he make beautiful items and teach others how to make them, he is helping children in need by giving them blankets and hats. He has me hooked. 

In January 2019, I wrote a blog post entitled, Why Do We Want Creative Children

THIS! These three creative and compassionate children are why. You know if there are three, there are three thousand or more creative children out there just waiting to do something pretty amazing. That is why we need creative children. 

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