The Woman Beyond Motherhood


There is no doubt about it, being a mom is a full-time job. It is definitely easy for it to consume our whole lives, but it is essential to focus on the woman beyond motherhood.

With the whole YOU in mind, we created our soulful mom inspired Creative Moment series.

This weekend make time for you. Whether that is a relaxing bath, an exercise class you have not been to in awhile, a quick shopping trip or a fun DIY project. If you can squeeze in three playdates, soccer and making meals, you can find time for you!

It is not selfish to nurture yourself, in fact, it’s needed!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

The Woman Inside The Mom

Never Alone: How to Find Time For Yourself With Small Children

How To Make Time For Yourself (Even if You Have Kids!)

TLC For You

Baths area great relaxing activity for moms. Did you know our bot, Nat, loves conserving water? She is very passionate about saving our water resources. Read more about the bots here.

Love Pon!