The ArtsBot – Creativity to Go

Welcome to the ArtsBot – Creativity To Go.

This is my first blog post ever, as The ArtsBot launches. By now, you know that the ArtsBot is the creative alternative to the digital screen. These little kits are compact, yet filled with arts & crafts activities that will keep your kids entertained during travel. You might even come to Love Your Layover!! The kits travel in cars, buses and even planes. Don’t leave home without them.

Make sure you Join the Evolution. Read the Story of the ArtsBot and read it to your children. These are robots who got away and learned the importance of imagination and creativity. Parents, please don’t let your children grow up to be Robots. Learn how Robots who had the “Hole Without Specification” got a Heart!

Check back often, as I will be posting on topics that I think are important. Some things you will agree with and some you may not. However, I am excited to start a dialogue with parents and children everywhere in an open, respectful forum.

Follow my posts as I address such issues as:




Digital Screen Use



Not necessarily in that order.

Love, Pon