Stress-Free And Mess-Free Is Our Motto!

Dear ArtsBot Family,

 It is time for my next blog post and what to write about is often a challenge.  I think we all agree that the self-care thing has probably been exhausted. I mean we all need self-care, and I did have a great day with a friend of mine a few weeks ago getting foot massages here in New York.  Now that is something I would highly recommend.  A one-hour foot massage, while somewhat decadent has great benefits and feels awesome. I always seem to pass out in the first five minutes, feeling fully refreshed afterwards.

 Anyhow, I really want to write about how kids have been in online school classes. Yikes!!! So that means they are on screens all day long.  There is a lot written about how screens could inhibit certain aspects of child development by narrowing their focus and limiting exploration. 

According to Dr. Jennifer Cross, a New York City pediatrician and behavioral pediatrics expert, it is often difficult to get kids engaged in non-electronic activities.  She talks about how it is often hard to get kids to play with toys to foster imagination and creativity, exploring  outdoors, and playing with other children to develop appropriate social skills.

I hate talking about all that negative stuff.  I do love talking about all of the benefits of arts and crafts!  

As you all may know, I am a compulsive needlepointer, and get up every morning early and work on my latest project. I am currently working on a dog collar for a super cool bulldog living in San Diego.  His name is Lincoln.

Lincoln says hi!
Lincoln's needlepoint collar

The ArtsBot is all about screen-free. 

While many craft activities might get a little messy, the ArtsBot has no glue and no scissors. Stress-free and mess-free is our motto!  We want parents to be able to work (since so many are working from home) and not worry that their kids will get hurt or make a mess while they are on their work Zooms.

 Did you know that craft activities foster communication, listening, attention, and imagination? ABC Kids says that craft activities develop fine motor skills, including manual dexterity and hand/eye coordination.  Working with different materials allows kids to identify different shapes, colors, and textures. Arts and crafts teach kids how things work and how things fit together.  Arts and crafts encourage experimentation and play in a relaxed environment.

We at the ArtsBot love to help parents score easy wins! Parents when because our kits are creativity in the bag and help keep the kids off of the screen while they create. The kids win when they have fun creating one of our projects that they can enjoy when the coloring is completed.

All four kits are available from our website or add them to your Amazon or Walmart online shopping cart.

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 Happy spring everyone!