Recycling Fun For The Family

This new normal of being home all the time is really wearing thin on everyone.

Is it just me, or are we really creating more trash than ever before? Honestly, I feel over run with toilet paper and paper towel rolls, plastic containers from bleach wipes, and soup cans.

Yes, we do, recycle, so I am always thinking of ways to upcycle or repurpose, so they can serve another life!

Our Bot, Zedd, is a very particular fellow. He likes everything to be just so and hates waste. When he saw how wasteful humans are, and he was appalled. He set about learning all he can about recycling…so that gave us an idea!


I posed this question about what to do with all of these cans and rolls to a friend. Like Zedd, she is a creative sort.  She offered to make several videos to show us how to turn items we have at home into fun toys and artistic sculptures that you can make at home with your kids. These projects will be perfect for a lazy Sunday morning project for the family to do together! The best part is you probably have everything you need in your home already!

As soon as the videos are finished, we will upload them to our YouTube Channel and our website.

Watching fun how-to videos is one time we are good with having the kids in front of a screen!


The ArtsBot family of toy kits are a mess-and-stress-free way to keep your kids entertained for hours.  We call them creativity in the bag! The kits aren’t just for kids! They are perfect for the family!

We have been hearing of grandparents who are FaceTiming, Zooming, or going to Google Hangouts with their grandchildren.  They are enjoying virtual coloring time together. The ArtsBot kits are perfect for virtual bonding between the kids and their grandparents. Both can color and be creative and then have something useful to show for their time together. And have FUN!

If you haven’t seen our kits, you have to check them out:  the The ArtsBot Make Your OWN Robot Pillow, The ArtsBot Make Your OWN Cupcake Squishies, ArtsBot Make Your OWN Donut Tote, and Artsbot LET’S MAKE A NARWHAL WRISTLET can be found on Amazon and soon-to-be found on Walmart too!!


We have been hanging out on Instagram looking for fun ideas to share with parents, grandparents, and caregivers.

One of our favorites is to make custom name wall hangings out of jar lids.

You will need enough lids—like from salsa or mayonnaise—to spell out your child’s first name.  Gather a supply of magazines, white craft/paper glue (like Elmer’s), and any other items your child wants to use as embellishments (buttons, yarn, string, smaller bottle lids, etc.).

The lids can all be the same size or different sizes—let your child’s imagination guide this project and it will truly be a one-of-a-kind piece!

The directions are easy:

  •  Wash and dry all of the lids.
  • While the lids are drying, have your child search the magazines for each letter of his or her name and carefully tear or cut out each letter and set it aside. An adult or older sibling may have to help if there are scissors involved.
  • The only criteria for the letters is that they have to fit inside the jar lid—they can all be the same size and color or different sizes and colors.
  • Once the letters are located, then your child can tear or cut contrasting color (to the letters) background pieces from the magazines.
  • Arrange the colorful background in each lid and then glue it down. For a quick dry, an adult or older sibling can use a hair dryer on cool to dry the backgrounds.
  • When the backgrounds are dry, glue in the letters and let the embellishment begin!
  • Once everything is dry, you can hang the lids either affixing a double sided “no harm style” hangers—like Command brand Strips—to back of each. Then hang them on the wall. If the wall is not an option, you can affix a magnet (instead of the strips) to the back of each lid and hang them on the refrigerator or other metal surface.

We Want to Hear From YOU!

We always love to hear from parents about what is working for you in these stressful times!  If you want to share photos of your most creative recycled crafts, we will showcase them on our Instagram page, just use the hashtag #botheart.

Feel free to send us comments through our website, or follow us and comment on Facebook or Instagram.

From the ArtsBot family to yours, wishing you a safe and healthy time.