Parents Need To Be Entertained Too Right?

Keeping the kids entertained in the summer of 2020 has been a challenge like no other.

If you follow The ArtsBot on Instagram and Facebook you have seen all the fun that kids (and sometimes even their furry family) are having with our ArtsBot kits and that warms our heart!

What about you? Parents need to be entertained too right?

My biggest entertainment continues to be my daily walk through Central Park. I usually walk about 6 miles, 5 times a week.

Since the gyms are still closed, Central Park has become my gym and I am convinced that sneaker sales are on the rise.  Given that I am a multi-tasker, Central Park has also become my conference room, while on my walks, I return phone calls, etc.

People watching in Central Park is like having the best musicals, dramas, sitcoms, and news stories running non-stop.  You never know what scene you will come upon around the bend, and it never fails to entertain me.  Furthermore, we have our very own fashion runway of runners and walkers and their mask attire. It is fascinating that some people match their masks to their shoes, some to their shirts and some are dressed in a hodgepodge of colors.

Never a dull moment in New York City, and we love the creativity.

Re-opening plans have not really moved much and  I have still  been working from home since March 10th.  I have gone out a little here and there, to the supermarket, pharmacy, and had an occasional take-out meal.  Subway ridership is at its all-time lowest, and people are walking more than ever.

I have been on a little bit of a shoe buying binge.  Certainly nothing fancy, because there is nowhere to go.  But alas I bought some new sneakers which are pairing well in the “Central Park Gym”.

So the other thing I did, was I bought these super snappy Birkenstock’s.  And trust me, it was really hard to find red suede ones.  Fashion magazines are reporting that red will be a hot fall color, so naturally these red suede shoes had become highly coveted, but I managed to snag a pair. Not that I am very fashionable!

The best source of my walking entertainment is that it gives me time to think up the best ways to help other parents find creative and unique ways to keep their children entertained.


Our mission at The ArtsBot is to inspire kids to get off their screens and get creative and share their art with the world. We know that when you show your creativity, you can spark creativity in others and when I exercise that is when my creative ideas flow!

One of my favorite ideas came during a recent walk. I envisioned The ArtsBot kitchen, which is a new series of cooking videos based on family fun in the kitchen.

Please check out The ArtsBot YouTube Channel for our latest selections. We are always adding great content, including fun craft projects.

We have seen over and over and over during the last few months that the families who are creative together are the happiest! We love it that we can help other parents and families find creative things to keep themselves entertained in a way that creates something beautiful!

We hope you will continue to enjoy all of The ArtsBot offerings, from our amazing craft kits, to the free printables in the Learning Center on our website, to our creative and fun YouTube Channel.

Stay well and healthy! Wear your mask and wash your hands (sorry…mom habits are hard to break!)