Mom Are We There Yet? And Where Exactly Is There?

Your summer travel plans changed.

You spent hours reading cancellation policies and unraveling all of the glorious plans you made for your summer of 2020 dream vacation.

Now what?

Time to get creative and make this summer a memorable one.

Car Trips

Depending on your location and if your state has reopened, you may be able to plan a car trip.

Below are 10 easy Google searches to help you and your family find the perfect outing:

  1. Vacation getaways within 100 miles of (your zip code)
  2. Kid friendly attractions within 100 miles of (your zip code)
  3. Best restaurants and hotels for kids in within 100 miles of (your zip code)
  4. Amusement parks for children under 18 within 100 miles of (your zip code)
  5. Best bookstores within 100 miles of (your zip code)
  6. Dinosaur exhibits within 100 miles of (your zip code)
  7. Zoos within 100 miles of (your zip code)
  8. Bird sanctuaries within 100 miles of (your zip code)
  9. Robot displays within 100 miles of (your zip code)
  10. Fill in the blank of ______________________ (your kid’s favorite thing to do)…within 100 miles of (your zip code)

If you are like us, you will be amazed to see all the fun things that are less than two hours from home.

We learned that there is a Robot Hall of Fame less than 100 miles from the Bot’s grandparents’ house! Pretty cool!!

Walk Your Town

If your town is reopening, you may want to consider a walking tour of your city or neighborhood.

Whether you can check out interesting architecture or you are fortunate enough to have walking trails in a nearby park or nature reserve, you can plan a day of socially distanced fun when you are a tourist in your own hometown.

Pack a picnic or try a new restaurant that has kid-friendly outdoor seating.

The ArtsBot Kits Are Perfect For Your Summer Get Away

Whether in the car or at a picnic table, the four ArtsBot kits offer families a fun craft project that is creativity in the bag.

No running around looking for the scissors or markers or trying to find tape or glue. Just open the kit and enjoy!  If your littles don’t complete the project right away, you can pack it back up into the handy zip close bag and move on to your next stop.

The Make Your Own Donut Tote and Make Your Own Narwhal Wristlet have the extra bonus of giving your little artist a useful way to carry his or her travel finds.

Even mom and dad will enjoy a brief catnap when the Make Your Own Robot Pillow is done and the Cupcake Squishies can double as stress relievers for parents who have heard “are were there yet???” for the 1000th time in less than 10 miles.

The kits are available online at Amazon and Walmart.

Sign up at our website, and  get a 15% off coupon.

Plan Like The Bot Family

  • Be sure to check your destination’s website or call ahead to find out what the location’s rules and regulations are for things like wearing face masks, restaurant capacity and availability, and how hotels are going to be handling sanitizing rooms.
  • Carefully plan your car time so you know where the rest stops are (and if they are open).
  • If you can, each family member should have a clip-on bottle of hand sanitizer attached to his or her belt, purse, or backpack.
  • Be sure to have snacks and beverages in a sturdy cooler packed with plenty of ice or ice packs. Don’t leave the cooler in direct sunlight or in the trunk.
  • Be sure to pack an extra face mask for each person for each day you are traveling, and if you are going to be outside, add a hat, sun screen, and an extra change of clothes for everyone, just in case.

Wishing you safe and healthy travels. Here’s to creating a lovely memory for summer vacation 2020.