Making Great Memories In Challenging Times


If you are like me, you dread turning on or logging into news channels. It seems like every few minutes there are new COVID-19 cases. The news is wall-to-wall numbers, warnings, closures, and changes.

It’s scary. There is no doubt about it. As parents, we have the double duty to keep our kids and ourselves healthy and sane. In good days that can be a challenge, but in trying times, it can feel impossible.

One way to rise to the challenge is turn it upside down. Try to think of ways to turn this challenging time into one where you can find time to make some great memories for your family.  After all, if we are going to be social distancing at home–with our families–making some great memories is a lot better than pushing each other’s buttons and pissing each other off!

Check out some suggestions and links below to help you and your family cope during these trying times.

Screen Free Alternatives!

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about my cool and creative toys—from The ArtsBot family.  Check out our 2020 collection today at our website .

Our latest mess-free kits offer creativity in a cute bag. They are designed to give kids ages five and up, a unique way to use their imaginations. Since adults love to create too, you and your kids can use the kits together and create some lasting memories!

When you are done, you will have made memories AND made something useful….like a soft robot pillow, a squishy cupcake toy, a useful donut pattern tote, or a narwhal wristlet.

So, tonight, while you are doing your grocery shopping on Amazon trying to find TP, hand sanitizer and your other must-have-during-a-crisis-items,  hop over and add a few kits to your cart

Evenings And Weekends

While the days are going to be stressful during this new normal of social distancing, the evenings and weekends may be what is worrying you most.

What do you do with kids when activities and play dates aren’t an option?

Breathe! You have this!

To help you put your own oxygen mask on first check out this blog that I wrote back in 2018 about why self-care is so important:

As a parent, I am always looking for ways to keep the kids busy on a budget so I also wrote about that:

During this COVID-19 crisis, while public gathering places are closing their real doors, some places are offering virtual experiences that you can tap into. Here are a few that may be enjoyable for your family:

Take advantage of things you have around the house and to help make some great memories with the kids:

  • Boxes can be blocks that are create mythical forts and castles.
  • Paper plates, markers, glue, and yarn can be made into cats, owls, unicorns, robots, flowers or whatever your little loves, love to create.
  • Empty plastic bottles can be turned into bowling pins and your front hall can be the bowling alley.
  • Find cool stuff around the house to teach shapes and colors—like gather three green objects or I spy seven things that are round.

The options are as colorful and bright as your child’s imagination. Great memories can be made by harnessing this power and seeing where it takes you!

We Want to Hear From YOU!

We love to hear from parents about what is working for you in these stressful times!

Feel free to send us comments through our website, or follow us and comment on Facebook or Instagram.

From The ArtsBot family to yours, we are sending all wishes for health, compassion, and kindness during these stressful times.

May we look back on this time–hopefully in the VERY soon-to-be future–and share some GREAT memories of our time spent at home!

Be safe everyone! Wash your hands!