How Limiting Screen Time Can Foster Happier and Less Anxious Kids

First of all, it is my hope everyone is staying cool. I can tell you we are having a heatwave in New York City and it is REALLY hot. We are staying in when we can. Fortunately, I work for home on Friday’s so today I was able to stay in and focus on my work. Right now it is 98 degrees and sweltering. We live in an apartment and are just hoping there are no blackouts or air conditioning system break downs!

If you missed last month’s blog, you could read it here. I really enjoyed writing this piece because it truly was a surprise.

Earlier this week, I posted an article about how smartphones and tablets are causing mental health problems in children as young as two years of age. Please read this article. It continues to be shared by those who follow the ArtsBot site.

The Artsbot is focused on screen reduction in children and this article confirms what we have been worrying about all along. Please read this article carefully. It is very important for parents to understand the dangers of screen use, along with symptoms that are arising as a result of modern technology use. It is really frightening, and parents are concerned.

A day after I posted this article, I had an old friend come visit me in New York. She has a young child, and he came as well. We got to talking about the Artsbot, the article, and screen use in young children. Her husband was very forthcoming about how the young boy spends hours on the screen, and they are worried about him.


What happens from extended screen use?

Kids are more likely to become anxious and depressed. It is possible they may become less curious, less able to complete tasks. They can become less emotionally stable and lower they’re self -control. Their imagination and creativity are compromised. Children risk lethargy and obesity. There are now professionals who are assisting families who have children with real screen addiction.

The time has come for parents to manage screen use in children. Art, STEM, reading, and music are the kinds of activities that foster creativity and imagination in children. This is what makes children curious, makes them think, helps them solve problems, and challenge their emotions. We urge you to take this seriously and do whatever you can to reduce screen use in your child.

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