Four Creative Activities For Kids On The Go!


Traveling is an amazing way to build memories and broaden a child’s horizon; however, it can be full of waiting. With a little extra planning you can put an end to the dreaded, “are we there yet” question. These fun-filled creative activities are perfect for traveling and will keep your kids entertained.

Four Creative Activities For On The Go:

  1. Coloring
    Coloring is an amazing tried-and-true easy and portable activity. According to Sean Brotherson, “art involves a variety of the brain’s areas that help children learn emotion, cognition, and memory.” So not only are your little ones having fun, but also learning (bonus!)
  2. Chalkboard cookie tray
    Paint a baking sheet from the dollar store with chalkboard paint to turn it into an easy chalkboard and magnet activity tray. It’s great for drawing on, or try packing toy cars and use it to draw roads.
  3. Travel Bingo!
    Make your own or download free bingo cards, like the ones here. Every time your child passes an item on the card they can mark it with a sticker. This will help keep them focused, enjoying the scenery (perfect for road trips), quite and work their brains.
  4. Candy tin lego set
    Use small candy tins, such as Altoids, to pack away a few Legos. Hot glue bricks on the lid, so they can build on the tin and keep it all together. This can be easily tucked into your child’s pocket for on the go! Check out the ones here.

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Pssst…before you go stay tuned for next week’s “Creative Moment Series” where we bring you some resources for some much-needed Mom RR/creativity time.