Check Out Some Fun Historical Facts About Massachusetts With The ArtsBot

Hello ArtsBot Family!!

How is everyone doing?  After looking at the walls since March 10th, it was time to get out of dodge.  Where did we go?  We normally, it’s been to Monhegan Island, Maine.  But on a small island with 55 full time residents, they certainly didn’t want New Yorkers.

Thanks to Airbnb, we rented a small beach cottage in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  This was an amazing cottage, right on the beach, literally on the sand and 10 steps from the ocean.  Oh. how I just love the sound of the waves.  The bedroom window had an unobstructed view of the ocean and we left the door open so we could listen to the sound of the waves all night long.  And the best thing of all, is that there were almost no people. After all, it was September.

The first two days, it was super windy, most likely the residual effect of these all of these hurricanes.  After that it was calm and warm and great to walk on the beach.  Being on the beach with no people is such a good time to self – reflect and think about all that going on.

Remembering your history, do you remember what happened in Plymouth?

It was there in 1620, that the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock! It was on the Mayflower, an English ship that transported the first English Puritans to the New World!

This was a ship of 102 passengers and 30 crew who landed at the tip of Cape Cod.  Here it is!!! Right here in Plymouth.  It is really cool to see this. Of course it’ not the original one, but the replica is just as good.

Another really fun activity was to visit Salem.

This is a Witch town–for real–and known as the spookiest town in America.  Feeling lucky to have visited right before Halloween.

This is this town that was the location of the famous Salem Witch Trials.  Did you know that in 1692, people were persecuted for practicing witchcraft? It is true, and there is lots to read about it. Anyhow, Salem is a town with lots of witch history and shops and cafes supporting it.  It a definitely a fun day and worth the visit.

Here in New York, Back-to-School in person has been a real challenge.  We have gone from September 10th to September 21st to September 29th. None of which happened, and now it’s looking like sometime in October.

These delays are taking a toll on families and it’s a hard decision that parents are with, given the uncertainty that our country faces.  And Virtual School–don’t get me started.  Besides, it’s too much screen time for kids.

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Stay safe and well.