Changes Can Be Good!

When David Bowie released the song Changes in 1971, he probably never imagined the Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes we would be seeing 50 years later!

A Peek Back Into The Changes We Saw In 2020

Let’s take a quick look back on all the changes we have experienced in one short year. Who would have thought?

  • A virus with a wonky name like COVID-19 would sweep into our world and turn it upside down?
  • Many of us would be working from home full time, and those who could not, would get a new moniker of Essential Workers? Quite frankly, they should have always had that designation since our essential workers are the literal backbone of our society.
    • We would be sporting masks just to walk outside our door and head over to the grocery store?


    • We would have to remind people to wash their hands?
      • The privilege to vote in a United States election could turn into controversy, chaos, and questions?


      Yep! We have seen SOOOO many changes in such a short time! 

      We Are Looking Forward To Good Changes In 2021!

      Our first three wishes for 2021 and GOOD changes are:

      • We hope that the COVID 19 vaccines will help get the world back on its collective feet and that we can change back to what we are now calling our OLD normal’s, instead of our NEW normal.


      • We send our best wishes to our new President and his team that that they succeed in their goals for Unity and for bringing America together again.

          Creativity Is A Universal Language Of Love And Unity

          The ArtsBot family is committed to continuing to share the sparks of creativity, which we feel are the universal language of love and unity.

          Just look at how creative we got in 2020…we had Zoom parties with our families.


          We learned how to make masks from Tee Shirts!


          And we inspired children to be creative with our 4 ArtsBot craft kits!


          Just think of all the creativity we can spark in 2021 and beyond!!

          Keep In Touch To Learn About 
          Big Plans For Changes At The ArtsBot

          Parents and grandparents, we have your back at The ArtsBot!

          Our 4 craft kits are designed to be mess-free and stress-free, screen-free alternatives to inspire your children to be creative!

          We are planning our own changes for 2021 so be sure to stay in the know!

          You can do so by:

          Here’s to positive changes for us all for 2021!