Building Fortitude and Perseverance

Starting a business is a huge undertaking and we have been working on this for a few
years. For those of you who follow, you are up to date with the recent challenges we
have had since our products have landed. It takes real fortitude and perseverance to
overcome these unexpected challenges. Until our Bots are released by the US
Government, there is nothing we can do! We cannot drive ourselves crazy worrying about it,
we can only look for ways to use the lost time positively.

   With that said, we LOVE to travel and that is why we created the ArtsBot. The     ArtsBot
   is Creativity To Go, the screen-free alternative for children. Parents love our         stress
   free, mess-free arts and craft kits. The Bots go anywhere and help your child       foster
   creativity and imagination.


We know families love to travel. There are so many different types of travel. Some
families love road trips, some love resorts, some love amusement parks. People travel
by planes, trains, and automobiles. Some go skiing, others go to the beach! As we
review and analyze our content, we have found that people respond well to cool and
exciting travel ideas. I am working on some really cool content of super cool places that
you may want to visit! While doing all of this, parents can entertain their kids in a screen
-free way. Remember, our kits are TSA Compliant so it makes it easy breezy to get
through security.

So please follow our story on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK, and PINTEREST and like and share posts. Viral Creativity across the universe is our hope while traveling the world! We want every child to have one! Buying our kits will allow us to donate kits to kids in need.

With that said…..Stay Tuned!