A Trip to the Supermarket to engage Creativity

Right now, I am reading an interesting book called, “How to Be an Explorer of the World”, By Keri Smith. The premise of the book is about how we as people are engaged in the world.  It examines how we look, observe and document the world around us, and suggests different exercises to encourage engagement. It is the engagement in the world that can propel creativity forward.

Creativity comes in many different ways and forms. Daydreaming, doodling, painting, cooking, writing, listening to music and even decluttering, all contribute to creativity.  Smith talks about how artists and scientists analyze the world around them is surprisingly similar ways. Both observe the world around them, they collect things, document their findings, analyze and compare.

I am actually thinking I can write a few blog posts about engagement in the world and how it impacts our creativity.

One of the exercises in the book is about a trip to the Supermarket.  This would really be a great thing to do with children. The idea to engage children by finding the groceries, almost like a scavenger hunt.  But it goes much further than that. You can do this in the store as your child finds things, or do it at home when you are putting the groceries away.


  1. Having your child find and look at each product.
  2. What shapes do you see?
  3. What colors do you see?
  4. Are there any interesting or specific smells?
  5. Can any of these items be grouped somehow?  
  6. Are some things heavy or light? Long or short?

Try this and send your findings to #botheart.

We can’t wait to hear what happens. Until next time..