Positive Vibes


These wooden shapes will come alive with imagination. Your child can show off original
artwork or school work on the refrigerator for everyone to see!

The Positive Vibes Craft Kit includes the following:

  • Wooden Shapes with magnets attached to the back
  • Self Adhesive Rhinestones
  • Non Toxic Markers
  • ArtsBot Stickers
  • ArtsBot Sketchbook
  • ArtsBot Postcard
  • ArtsBot Pen
  • Project Tutorial
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Wood Magnets Craft KitThe Positive Vibes Craft Kit was developed for you, with the Earth in mind.  As the Bots were traveling the globe, they saw lots and lots of trees and forests. They also learned that there are many different species of trees. Wood comes from trees. The Bots learned that wood is a renewable natural resource.  Renewable means something can be brought back. If you cut a tree down, it will grow back!  When something is natural, it means that it comes from nature.

Trees come from nature!  When something is a resource, it means that it’s valuable to humans for making other things. Trees and wood are resources because there’s lots of valuable things we can make from wood.  So, when you put the whole phrase together, a renewable natural resource is something that comes from nature that’s valuable to people, and can be continually restored.

Take a look around your home. I bet there are lots of things that are made from wood. Look at the doors or maybe your furniture. Are there family photos in a wood picture frame?

Did you know……

  • Trees help to clean the air all creatures breathe and the water all creatures drink.
  • Forests provide food and homes for birds, fish, deer, squirrels, and all kinds of life!
  • People enjoy forests for lots of reasons, including fishing, walking, camping.
  • Forests play a major role in why life exists on Earth! Many forms of life could not exist without trees and wood!
  • So, as you can see, renewable natural resources and wood and wood products are a good choice!

Hope you have as much fun with your Positive Vibes Craft Kit as the Bots and I had making it for you. By doing this craft, and sharing your work on social media you will Join The Evolution.

Love, Pon

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Dimensions6 × 6 × 2 in

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