True Colors


Find the colorful mysteries behind the black ink of these scratch art cards and keychain.
Kids love to scrape away the top layer to reveal different colors underneath. Your child can
send scratch art cards to their favorite person!

Included in the True Colors Scratch Art Kit are the following:

  • Scratch art cards and envelopes
  • Scratch art animal shapes
  • Blank kraft cards and envelopes
  • Scratch art keychain and insert
  • Wood scratch tool
  • Glue dots
  • Non-toxic markers,
  • Pen
  • ArtsBot sketchbook
  • ArtsBot stickers
  • ArtsBot postcard
  • Project tutorial
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You can make all kinds of colorful drawings with the True Colors Scratch Art Kit! Just use your scratch tool to reveal a rainbow of colors. We were inspired to create scratch art kits while we were traveling around your pretty blue planet and saw different types of pictures and symbols that looked like this.

We robots were lucky enough to see Hieroglyphics from ancient Egypt. The word “hieroglyph” is actually a Greek word meaning “sacred engraved letters.” What exactly are Hieroglyphics? Hieroglyphics were pictures and symbols that had meanings. This was a form of language used as early as 3,000 B.C. Some of the symbols represented sounds, like our letters, and other’s represented entire words.

Here are some interesting facts about hieroglyphics that are different from the English language:

  • Hieroglyphics have no punctuation. All sentences in English have punctuation.
  • Hieroglyphics could be written in almost any direction; left to right, right to left, or top to bottom. The English language is written from left to right.
  • Hieroglyphics is a form of writing that looks like Art. Our writing is based on an alphabet with 26 letters.
  • Hieroglyphics can be pictures of living creatures, objects used in daily life or symbols. See the chart to the right and see if you can write your name in Hieroglyphs!

Here is my name in Hieroglyphics!

Scratch Art Craft Kit Pon in Hieroglyphics
Scratch Art Craft Kit Pon in Hieroglyphics
Scratch Art Craft Kit Pon in Hieroglyphics
Scratch Art Craft Kit Pon in Hieroglyphics
Scratch Art Craft Kit Pon in Hieroglyphics

Writing in hieroglyphics was very complicated. It took years of education and practice to be able to do it. People who trained to write hieroglyphics were called scribes. They would start training at a very young age of six or seven. Being a scribe was a good job in Ancient Egypt.

Hope you have as much fun with the True Colors Scratch Art Kit as the Bots and I had making it for you. Complete this craft, share your work on social media and you will Join The Evolution.

Love, Pon

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Dimensions7 × 7 × 2 in

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