Give kids a break from the screen that they’ll truly enjoy. This craft kit includes all the supplies they’ll need to design their very own colorful “unicorn of the sea”. Stash favorite on-the-go items inside this uniquely-designed zippered wristlet.

This Narwhal Wristlet Craft Kit includes the following:

  • One customizable zippered narwhal wristlet (9″w x 5″h x 1″d)
  • Five vibrant non-toxic fabric markers
  • Add-ons to design an eye-catching fashion accessory
  • A small, reclosable, easy-to-carry bag (10.5″w x 8.75″h x 1.2″d)
  • ArtsBot sketchbook
  • ArtsBot stickers
  • Project tutorial
  • Fun Facts
  • TSA Compliant

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Designed for boys & girls ages 4 and above, the Artsbot Let’s Make a Narwhal craft kit inspires creativity, develops important motor skills, builds self-esteem and offers a meaningful alternative to screen time. This portable, TSA-approved, common core compatible art set includes one customizable zippered narwhal wristlet, five vibrant non-toxic fabric markers and add-ons to design an eye-catching fashion accessory kids will love.

No scissors, no glue, no extra required–the craft pack includes everything your child will need to get started. Tap into your child’s imagination and watch their joy build as they design their own unique creation. This art kit comes with its own travel pouch, so your kids can take their projects with them wherever they go.

Fun Facts about Narwhals:

  • Narwhals are nicknamed “The Unicorn of The Sea” due to their long tusk.
  • It is not really a tusk but a long left tooth that can grow up to 10 ft long and weigh 22 lbs.
  • Narwhals are really small whales and grow to be 15-16 feet long.
  • Narwhals live in the icy waters of the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans near Canada and Greenland.

Why Artsbot?

Fun, imagination and heart are what drives the creators at Artsbot. We believe it’s time to rage against the screen and give kids a meaningful solution to “I’m bored” – whether at home or on the road. Parents, educators and kids love Artsbot, because our projects are fun, easy and unique. Our mission is to inspire viral creativity across the universe.

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Dimensions10.5 × 8.75 × 2 in

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